Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little taste of Texas!

We see these cows every morning and afternoon on our way to and from school, and Wrigley has decided they are his sworn enemy.  He usually rides with me and the boys, and it never fails, as soon as we hit the cut-through road with all the fields, he has an absolute fit, barking his head off and pawing at the windows like he would take one out if he just had the chance.  If I wasn't scared he'd get trampled, I'd let him have it, too!

Okay.  Tell me the truth.  Have you ever in your entire life seen a tree house such as this?  I mean, really!  This thing is like the Taj Mahal of tree houses!  We pass by this little Swiss Family Robinson rendition every day as well on our school route.  And the picture really doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea.  It was actually pretty comical, right after we moved here, Hunter and I were talking about putting a tree house up in the backyard for the boys, and they had heard us talking about it.  So a few days later, we're riding around, and we see this monstrosity, and Ethan's like, "Ooh, Dad!  Can you do us one like that?!"  And Hunter's like, "Yeeah...uh, no." 

If I figure out how to do it, later on today I'll post a video we have of Wrig and his "mad cow" ways!  It's too funny (or maybe it's just me, you decide)...well, as you can see above, I finally figured it out.  Funny, huh?


McGlades said...

Great pictures! Look at your and your blog--I love it!

Kelli said...

Great pictures!! I emailed you to see how Texas was treating you!! The boys are really cute.

Jessica said...

Happy Day after your birthday! :) You'll have to email me your most recent email address. I'll sign in with my gmail one this go round.

Love the pictures! That treehouse is amazing! I can't imagine why you guys can't do one just like it. ;)