Monday, February 28, 2011

Picture Day!!!

Just recently I've had a couple of opportunities to practice my photography skills and take some family pics for some friends of ours, a couple of weeks ago for a good friend of mine here in Temple and then a few days ago for Jon and Rachel while they were here visiting with us.  We had the best time!  I thought I'd share some of the photos that came out...happy viewing!

this is Charlotte, my friend Caroline's daughter.  what a cutie!!

As you can imagine it would be with a two-year-old in the mix, getting a good picture of all three of the fam proved to be quite the challenge.  It was a lot easier just following Charlotte everywhere she went, snapping along the way!

                                                                                         And now for the ISBELL'S......
 Oh, my word!  I could just eat her up!  So darling.
So, of course I have to throw my boys in for a few photo ops!  These four are the best of friends.  We count ourselves so, so very blessed.

I love this pic with Rachel and the girls against the wall.  Rachel has this look like, "Alright, Girls.  That's enough," while Kierra and Raegan fun around.

This was probably one of my favorite ones we got from the day.

Really liked this one, too!

 He has this look of, "Ok.  That's enough pictures, Woman."


Rachel said...

Such a GREAT Photographer!!! Did I spell that right? LOL! Love ya!

carolinemcglade said...

Beautiful pictures--of course I'm quite partial to the subjects and the photographer herself :) Let me know when you want to practice that toddler/family picture thing again!
ps--Your boys are quite photogenic I must say also!