Monday, April 16, 2012

Snowshoeing the Rockies!!!

 We had the best time going snowshoeing during our weekend in Colorado!  It was something that none of us had done before, and the boys were big fans to say the least.  I can't get over how beautiful it is out there!  I can only hope for those who live there and are surrounded by the mountains and the tall cedars and running streams all the time that familiarity hasn't numbed them to the fact that this place is a wondrous spectacle.  It truly has the fingerprints of our Creator all over it! 

 It's a rare thing that I'm in a photo with the boys since I'm usually the one taking them!  Hunter obliges me every now and then and switches places with me.
Sawyer is snow ball ready!!!

 See what I mean??  Absolutely breath-taking.

 The guys pause for a moment to look over the landscape as we make our way uphill.  And of course, Sawyer sees this as the perfect time to make another snow ball!

I must say, my guys are quite photogenic!

 Uh oh!  Hunter takes a dive!

Ethan took this photo as we were leaving.  Looks like it's straight from the cover of Country magazine.  He may have a future in photography!  

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