Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our D.C. Trip..

OH MY WORD!!  Has it really been a month since my last post?  Well, in my defense, we have been traveling a lot, and I've got the pictures to prove it!  And as my sweetie pie was so apt to point out, I have as of yet put up any pics of the boys, so in lieu of a lot of verbage, we'll just get right to the good stuff!  Have a look-see at some of our photos from our trip to D.C., a great vacation courtesy of the boy's great granddad.  AWESOME!!

 So cool!  This was a "wishing tree" in one of the sculpture gardens.  People would come and hang their wishes up.  Now if we could only find one made of money!

This was the baker for the White House for many years.  Here, he's putting together a gingerbread rendition of Mount Vernon.  Wow!

 This is one of Frank Loyd Wright's houses that we toured on our Mount Vernon day.  Really neat.  The boys thought it very interesting.

 This building to the right is the Native American Museum.  I just thought it's design was so unique.  This building also housed one of the most amazing "cafeteria-style" restaurants I have ever eaten in, a must dining experience if you're ever in D.C., but be ready to spend the moo-lah!

Granddaddy surprised us all with a trip to the National Building Musuem where there was housed a Lego Architecture exhibit...outstanding and astonishing! I mean I can't even put together one of the those little models from the instruction pamphlets!

Busy creating after being inspired from the exhibit!

We were surprised to find out we were being given a tour of the dome of the Capitol, a rare treat!  The guys enjoy the view on the way up.

 Here we are outside on the tippy-top of the dome!  What a view!

And here we have the White House!


Pamela Hensley said...

Awesome pictures! I just got your link today, so glad to hear you are all doing so well. Merry Christmas! I miss ya'll

Paige said...

Hey, Pam!
We miss ya'll, too! Hope everyone is doing well. We'll be through during Christmas. Maybe we'll see ya!